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Testing Hero in association with Alley Labs

Testing Hero provides independent testing services and unbiased Quality Assurance to Gaming software products of all scales. With 10 years of operations and expertise, an international workforce, and access to specialist related services, it’s no surprise we are one the top software testing providers in Asia.

The Gaming industry is by far the most rapidly expanding software sector. As such the sophistication and complexity of modern titles brings with it a diverse range of features (both software and hardware), UI, functionality due to interaction, server concerns with Online Multiplayer options, and Security regarding accounts and payments.


With a consultative approach and nearly limitless scalability, we offer both project-based and full-cycle services for testing your product at any stage.


Alley Labs Presents
Alley Labs presents Testing Hero


Web App Testing by Alley Labs
Web Apps


Your website is the face of your company, where most customers and clients establish initial contact. Make the right first impression.

Mobile App Testing by Alley Labs
Mobile Apps


With 70% of all internet traffic generated by mobile devices, a mobile app is far more than a luxury. It is the device of choice for most consumers.

Gaming by Alley Labs


As game quality and device capabilities rocket, the need for knowledgeable Game Development and testing has never been higher.

Manual and Automation Testing by Alley Labs
Manual and Automation


Most projects will require a blend of both Automation and Manual Testing. We find the right solution for maximum accuracy and cost effective results.

Full Cycle Testing by Alley Labs
Full-Cycle Testing


From planning to full development and beyond, Testing Hero is ready to add expertise to fit your needs at any step of the Software Development Life Cycle.

Dedicated Team by Alley Labs


Take advantage of your own dedicated team with none of the associated overheads. Scale to fit your ever changing needs and stay in full control.

Consultation by Alley Labs


Strategizing your milestones and goals from start to finish on any Software Development product is a massive undertaking. Communication, Testing, and Iterations all involve dozens of moving parts running in synchronicity. Allow our expertise to be your education short-cut and avoid unforeseen delays, redesigns, and iterations.

Meet some of our global clients


Gaming Development


With over 10 years of professional testing experience, we work hard to provide clean, concise, and professional bug reports.


Our strict staff recruitment process and compulsory training program ensures our colleagues are committed, and able to tackle even the most challenging requests.


We ensure our QA teams are fully equipped with a frequently updated in-house device lab, including 100+ mobile devices (all recent iOS and popular Android devices) and all major web browsers and operating systems.


Allow Sixth Gear Studios to become part of your team. We integrate with any of your existing tools and processes, including JIRA, Asana, Trello, and Agile development processes.

We are ready to scale with you. When your project hits a growth curve and needs additional QA capacity, we can quickly add additional testers.

JANG KIM review of alley las

Web application development.

The team was easy to work with, very professional, and always receptive to changing requirements. I’ve had several experiences working with offshore teams in the past; These are the best without a doubt. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to outsource.





Functional Testing by Alley Labs
Functional Testing


Functional testing consists of a range of test services that analyse and verify the Software's actual functional capabilities compared to the required specification.

Performance Testing by Alley Labs
Performance Testing


Assess Performance in real world scenarios including Load and Stress, Volume and scalability, and testing configuration stability.

Compatability Testing by Alley Labs
Compatibility Testing


Compatibility ensures your software performs across variations in OS, Hardware, Browser, Configurations, Databases and Displays.

Game Testing by Alley Labs


Your app is often the window to your company. Our state-of-the-art in-house device lab is equipped for multi-purpose testing.

Usability Testing by Alley Labs


Intuitive navigation, visual performance, and user workflow are key to software success. Usability testing Identifies opportunities for improvement.

Security Testing by Alley Labs


Protect your business. Secure online transactions, enhance resistance to attack, minimize the risk to data, and prevent unauthorized access.

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