Tribal Mania

Tribal Mania is a real-time strategy game that allows you to challenge thousands and thousands of players in quick battles that require all of your wits and planning.

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Even the smartest word gamers will have a real challenge with this puzzle game.  300 levels will challenge your brain with letter-linking problem solving.

Word Genius by Alley Labs
Word Genius by Alley Labs
Word Genius by Alley Labs
Word Genius by Alley Labs
Word Genius
Final Fortress by Alley Labs
Final Fortress by Alley Labs
Final Fortress by Alley Labs
Final Fortress by Alley Labs
Final Fortress

Somehow you survived the outbreak, and now It’s time to rebuild. The world belongs to the idle Z’s. Grow your fortress community, gather survivors, and rebuild.


Groundbreaking tower defense strategy title


Tribal Rivals is an exciting combat strategy game set in early 20th century Arabia. An epic story of revenge, leadership, and perseverance will lead you to build your village, train your troops, start or join a tribe, and wage battles against enemies and thousands of other players. Guide your tribe to desert domination!

Tribal Rivals by Alley Labs
Tribal Rivals by Alley Labs
An action packed sci-fi shooting game


Blast your way through the universe! Destroy all deadly meteors and protect your planets. Upgrade your ship and weapons as you blitz through this action filled sci-fi blaster.

A casual and social turn-based drawing game


The title says it all. Texas Hold'em Poker satisfies thousands of poker fans through an addictive, real-time multiplayer poker experience, directly in the iOS or Android browser.

A real-time, hand-draw battle cards game


A beautifully 400 hand-drawn card game, with real-time battles. Play against people in guilds with full guild creation and management, including weekly events.

A casual, social, free to play animal game


A cute game for animal lovers brought to you by Alley Labs' incredibly imaginative team. The creativity level amazes hundreds of thousands of players with a wide collection of pets.

A casual and social turn-based drawing game


Watch as your friends draw clues for you. Can you guess the work?

A casual and social restaurant simulation game


Alley Labs' highly anticipated sophomore effort hit Apple's App store December 2010.



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I worked with this company on multiple occasions; I can say with full confidence that they always deliver quality work and do not rest until expectations are met. I fully endorse their team to get the job done.



Operations Manager, Aeria Games

We have been working with this company for over two years. Throughout this period, they have helped us develop, launch, and maintain our most successful mobile game ‘Tribal Rivals’, handling multiple responsibilities from engineering to technical design to quality assurance. I have yet to work with a vendor that is as technically proficient, professional, and honest. Needless to say, I highly recommend them.


CEO, Lumba

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