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  • How do I avoid video game security hacks?
    1. Don’t share too much personal information. 2. Keep your security software’s active 3. Don’t download Pirated copies, cracks, and patches from outside sources. 4. Make a seperate email for accounts online to keep personal emails separate. 5. Use strong and different passwords 6. Log out always and delete secure info and auto fill information. If you suddenly find yourself in a position that you feel does not seem right, or you know you need more information on how to protect yourself and your brand please contact us today.
  • What are some good tips for a successful game/app launch?
    1. Ensure your game is fully functional. (Functional Testing) 2. Make sure your game has had Soak Testing done on it. 3. Game testers need good communication with your game creators. 4. Game Compliance and Compatibility Testing is needed. 5. Localize your mobile game app. 6. Have a well structured game testing strategy. For any more information on this either read our full blog or contact us today.
  • What are the best mobile game development tools?
    - Unity 3D - Unreal Engine - MonoGame - Corona SDK - Project Anarchy Of course, this is not an extensive list by far. If you're just starting out look at what you want to achieve, and dissect how the pro’s are doing it. You could also opt to hiring an outsourced game development company like Alley Labs to help you start to finish with your game design, game testing and more. Contact us today for more information.
  • How can I avoid story clichés in my game development?
    - Being The Chosen One: Many games are fond of the idea where the protagonist is destined for greatness, possessing great powers and strength as the game goes on. - Amnesia: An overused and a convenient way for game developers to present a story to the player is making their character start with having no idea who they are or what is going on. - Dead Loved One: What is the best way to give a character the motivation for revenge? Kill off a loved one. Or give the players a massive emotional experience where they watch their character’s family die or be taken. - Post-apocalyptic: The idea of a post-apocalyptic lawless world is fun, it has ended up being a cliché used up by game developers. - Zombie outbreaks: The undead were once an original concept that could entertain and simultaneously terrify prospective gamers. Hell, we even made one. Unfortunately, the success of this theme has made the idea of zombies overused and unoriginal. - If you have to go Cliché then make sure there’s a twist: Game developers should try to stay away from the mainstream concepts or reintroduce these clichés with a fresher perspective. Break The Mold: Examples range from Portal 2 to Beyond 2 Souls, as they don’t follow conventional game stories of plot lines.
  • Why is UX and UI Important in Game Development?
    User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are two key elements game developers obsess over to make a game successful. A balanced UX/UI design provides your users with a comfortable experience while they are in your game, allowing them to be more engaged in the game play for longer periods instead of adapting to messy controls and learning cumbersome interfaces. This also entices more people to play and endorse your game, increasing your user loyalty, retention rates, and ultimately the LTV.
  • What is (UX) User Experience Design?
    The purpose of having a UX design is to be able to enhance the customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, the ease of use provided by the interaction between the user and the game.
  • What is (UI) User Interface Design?
    User interface implicates the look and feels of the game. The primary job of a UI designer is to focus on the game’s graphic design and the psychology of the buyer persona.
  • What to keep an eye on when it comes to game security?
    - Servers: Online servers are one of the most targeted factors online due to the amount of data it holds. Securing your web server is as important as ensuring your game apps. - Remote Access: Administrators of the game should log in to the web servers locally. SSH Key, which is similar to remote access, can be used as well. SSH key algorithms are uncrackable because they require too much time to run through possible matches. - Firewalls: Firewalls are software/hardware apps which control servers that are exposed to the network. They block access to every port except for those that should be publicly available. - File Auditing & Intrusion Detection System: It is beneficial to be able to perform file level audits which can be done periodically by the administrators. - Security and the QA Process: QA testing services should comprise of localized and network security measuring aimed to assess vulnerability and risk. - Mobile Security: The introduction of ID authentication, and even fingerprint and eye recognition, have moved the mobile device from a simple lifestyle aid to a business and finance capable tool. This is ever increasing the need for security testing. - Product Specific Security: Testing assessments can be customized to fit your hardware, network, and high-level security concerns. - Pre-Certification Audit: Should you already know your product will require ISO, IEC, PCI DSS or Section Compliance, allow this to be designed into your testing criteria to build confidence and receive detailed alteration suggestions from an early stage. - Vulnerability Testing: This rigorous automated testing is designed to highlight early security concerns. - Penetration Testing: Apply whitehat ethical hacking procedures when testing the weak points of your software. Security specialists apply various methodologies designed to break the security of your product.
  • What Are Good Mobile Game Development and Testing Habits to Remember?
    1.Bring ideas to life Ideas come through inspiration, and doing various projects will probably trigger your next big idea. 2. Keep the users in mind A better understanding of this can simplify efforts on what matters to your customers the most and will allow you to develop and update your game appropriately. 3. Plan before coding and follow a process Figuring out the procedure first will then help organize things and prevent delayed progress. 4. Develop a phase Take advantage of your mobile users updating apps through WiFi. It can be a risky move to fill your game with so many features at one go. 5. Don’t skimp on standard test methods Following every needed procedure well and properly must be a must for both developers and testers. 6. Test usability and mobile platforms in multiple ways Mobile users have high expectations regarding the usability of the app. The players should easily understand the different game commands easily without difficulty. 7. Test in different languages Testing the language is important because every character has different font sizes, without testing this could affect the game design and the different functions of the game. 8. Create device groups for testing Mobile app testers can create mobile device groups, which helps down size efforts in the testing world. Mobile testers can create groups with each group having different priorities such as high, medium and low in the game testing efforts. 9. Document Change Documenting every change and detail made in the app will make it easier to track down and can also be used as a form of records that can be used as a basis for future projects to avoid similar mistakes. 10. Learn new skills Continually learning new mobile game development skills and techniques gives you an upper hand in the mobile gaming and mobile game testing industry. 11. Don’t give up Developing a mobile game may be hard work and time-consuming. But even if some projects don’t work out as planned, there is still no reason to give up.
  • What Are Important Video Game Features to Include in your Game Development?
    1. Immersion One of the things that leaves a lasting impression is how immersed players are in the world your game provides. 2. Story and Character Development Games with character and story progress seem to catch more attention compared to a game with no development. 3. Graphics Visual appeal also plays a relevant part in your game’s success. This can also be a defining factor in whether people will buy the game or not. 4. Socially Competitive Features Being able to play with friends in real-time increases engagement depth and prolongs the time you play the game and increases player immersion. 5. Music Soundtracks help set the pace and mood of the game and put the player in the right emotion and setting. 6. Frequent Updates Periodic updates to new video game features, additional levels, side quests, characters, and items will give your players more excitement when playing the game.
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