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The first thing to note of high significance is that the client retains complete rights and ownership of all work and IP associated. Full NDA’s are strictly adhered to within the initial consultation discussions, ensuring complete confidence that your product, plans, and ideas are safe and never disclosed outside of the designated team members. Alley Labs has the proven methodology and experience to help our clients; deliver more content, reduce time to market, streamline and improve mechanic strategies, reach multiple platforms, and deliver better games with dedicated QA services.


As the line between, Mobile, web and applications continue to blur, brand innovation will see mobile and web as the primary platform to connect with current customers, and conversion of new business. Dramatic improvements in Mobile and web infrastructure, Smart Phone Adoption, AI, Machine Learning, Wearables, IoT, AI, and VR, have opened even further opportunities for market expansion and new user adoption.


Porting, Multi-Platform, and parallel development, to full game creation. Get the most out of your monetization strategy, develop your art and design, and maximize GPU and CPU performance. Get full reporting at every stage and review a complete code documentation should you require it.

Full Service Development

Our expertise is only matched by our dedicated design team, our standalone QA services, and even a customer service and social moderation center. Making Testing Hero a truly full-service solution. We do not believe in bolt-ons or outsourcing, our extended services are dedicated standalone companies with the resources, experience, and expertise ready to handle any extended needs you may have. Rely on our teams to supply the expertise exactly where you need it and benefit from the flexibility and results that come with developed and successful teams.

Increase Adoption With Cross-Platform Publication

Publishing on multiple platforms is a proven strategy to increase adoption. If you wish to run on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Web, we can craft multi-platform development into your strategy. We specialize in high performing cross-platform titles, developed with; C++ based on the state of the art cocos2d-x engine, C# games based on the Unity 3D engine, or web-based titles/conversions with Ruby on Rails, C# / .NET, Java, PHP, node.js, Backbone.js, HTML, and CSS. Target multi-platforms simultaneously, and benefit from faster development, faster updates, and more maintainable games.

Flexible, Scalable Skilled Workforce

One of the biggest advantages to Outsourcing Game Development has always been the ability to access an experienced workforce without the overheads, and difficulties associated with new employment. We assemble the right teams for your project, combining skills and a level of management adapted for the project. For large or small projects, our flexibility also lets us dedicate resources to work alongside your current team, as a temporary staff addition, or long-term extension of your resources, which can be scaled at any point to fit your demands.



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