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Why We Need to Start Outsourcing 3D Game Art

Today, the game development industry has evolved to be more dynamic and complex. Since the gaming industry continues to grow gradually, demands and requirements have increased, leading to higher expectations since 3D game art is gaining grounds at a fast phase. With the demands of publishers having a more intricate visual design in their games game artists should be at their creative best at all times to create high-quality and appealing games irrespective of their players, age, gender, and country.

To be able to attain well-developed gaming products, in acceptable time frames, at reasonable development costs, companies are now opting to outsource development with 3D game art outsourcing companies who are able to cater to their needs and requirements.

Due to the growing complexity of this professional field, outsourcing has proven to be able to support the efficiency and demand of work. 3D game design is one area that requires a lot of time and effort looking into and creating every single detail needed to be able to produce and develop high-quality products.

There are several reasons gaming companies choose to outsource with 3D game art outsourcing companies.

1. Ability to save costs

3D game art outsourcing companies is a necessary expense in modern gaming, and salaries differentiate wildly depending on the country where the outsourcer is based, Asia would be lower than those in Europe for example. Interestingly though, the quality is just as high due to the popularity and higher annual revenue of gaming in Asia compared to say America. Outsourcing games take advantage of the lower wage, negates the need to hire and equip your personnel.

2. Time

Plugging into an existing skilled workforce will cut the game development process and production time down significantly. Having an outsourced team will lessen the time spent to go through the whole searching and hiring process, necessary trainings and seminars, or the whole process development needed for the in-house employees to match the qualifications needed for the game. Your partnered outsourced game development company are already equipped with the skilled professionals needed, without you having to worry about extra training costs.

At times short-term projects require a particular skill that your company may be lacking. Instead of spending resources (time and money) to be able to hire directly for short time projects, game outsourcing companies have access to a pool of talented individuals that can provide you the needed skill in a shorter time. This can then be scaled up or down, to suit the project requirements without hassle.This is considerably a more difficult thing to do with an internal workforce.

4. Capacity

Successful businesses are usually defined by a right number of people and how well you can satisfy their needs for work. Having an outsourced team as well doesn’t require them to relocate to you since they can work remotely and work as effectively, which gives you the choice not to limit the size of the company’s in-house team making it as small or as big as the company wants.

5. Competence

Outsourcing your 3D game design allows you to communicate with experts around the world. The benefits with outsourcing game art designers or your game development team will help you reduce the time of research and development. The in-house team will also get to learn skills and methods from the outsourced team.

6. Avoiding repetitive work

Repetitive work will always be present and can consume a lot of time. Getting your outsourced team to do the repetitive task will allow the in-house team to work on more important projects. This will also help in preventing your workers from having to work overtime, thus keeping them motivated.

7. Competitiveness

Outsourcing can help businesses improve in their work environment for their internal employees such as reduced overtimes, fair compensation, or to invest in better equipments. This will help in keeping you focused on the internal team’s efforts on a game. Better work compensation increases the quality of work which could be a useful way to attract potential clients to outsource in your company.

8. Overhead

There is no special need for you to provide the softwares and the computer since these will be provided by the outsourced company you are partnered with. The responsibility of managing the outsourced team lies with them, which means there is freedom from unnecessary spending and extra bureaucracy.

When you start to consider outsourcing 3D game designing would be the opportunity for improvements. You may have a talented team of artists who can cope with current workloads, but this does not mean that there are not any professionals who can improve on the project. Outsourced teams are well experienced in working with different clients and projects. This gives them enough experience to be able to pick up solutions based on their past projects.

Though, outsourcing game art also comes with risks such as reliability, data security, and quality of work just to name a few. But, to gain the maximum benefit in outsourcing game art finding the right outsourced partner and their service is important. Ensure your outsourced partner can meet your requirements and demands well. Usually, a good outsourcing company will offer free trial services to potential clients for them to try. Besides, with proper management and strategy done, outsourcing your 3D game development will be worth the risks for better company improvements.

In conclusion, outsourcing game art can help in reducing the repetition of styles by adding new artistic creativity, inspiring your existing workforce. Outsourcing game companies can be beneficial to your business regarding productivity, efficiency, cost, and flexibility. Not only that but outsourcing increases your company’s internal efforts in improving the physical work environment, such as lessening overtime work which can boost employee morale and motivation for their work, as well as opening an opportunity of learning with the help of the outsourced team. With your outsourced team, there will always be continuous production even when the in-house team isn’t. So you don’t have to worry about your games development progress experiencing delay.


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