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iFanzine: ‘Final Fortress’ Review: Finally, a Clicker Game I Actually Love!

We thank the team at iFanzine for writing us a delightful review about our game.

iFanzine is one of the longest running and a well-established iPhone and iPad gaming - centric websites. They are all about covering the best indie, arty, or otherwise obscure iOS titles. Reviewing the kind of stuff that other, more mainstream sites tend to overlook.

Sample Test From The Review:

Set in a dystopian future where mutant zombies roam the scorched wasteland that used to be Earth, Final Fortress tasks you with building and managing the ultimate survival shelter for humanity’s remnants. You start with nothing but a ruined husk of a property and must build it up floor by floor into a thriving, self sustaining biodome. Gas has replaced cash as the main form of currency in this world, so the idea is to try and produce as much of the stuff as possible in order to keep expanding. Each new floor you add to your tower block begins producing gas right away, and you can also hire tradespeople to speed up production; for example, a gardener to tend to the plants in the greenhouse and an electrician to operate the generator.

To read the full review here: iFanzine - Final Fortress 4.5 Star Review

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