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Hao Gamers Review: Build the most epic zombie defense in Final Fortress

Us here at Alley Labs are grateful to the team at Hao Gamers for the fantastic review done for our game.

Hao Gamers are a large, well-established game review company based in Asia. They are dedicated to covering video games and gaming culture in Asia. Thanks to them again.

Sample Text From The Review:

Some things are just timeless, like zombies. Game devs have been introducing zombies to almost every genre imaginable, mostly to great success. With mobile game trends showing no signs of slowing down, it won’t be long before the zombie trope starts invading all the subgenres that mostly exist on iOS and Android devices.

Final Fortress is a clicker game, (or idle game) developed by Alley Labs from Vietnam. Clicker games are all about building something up to absurd levels, and this game is no exception. In this one, you are building a survival fortress to keep out the undead.

Read the full review here:

Hao Gamers Review - Build the most epic zombie defense in Final Fortress

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