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Appliv: Best Zombie Games

A big thanks to the guys over at Appliv for taking the time to review our new upgrade, and putting us at the top of their zombie games list.

Appliv is a great resource of iOS and Android apps, (not just games), really well separated, categorized, and set is really clear UI. We love this site, and are very happy to be featured. Thanks guys.

Sample Text From The Review:

Eek gads! The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and it is up to you to ready your tapping finger and prepare to build a stronghold to keep them at bay. Collect a tightknit hub of survivors while fending off zombies to rebuild society from the ground up! Tap the build icon within each room of the fortress to construct it using gas. Gas is collected by either tapping on each room quickly, or by waiting until the orange gauge is full and tapping for a bigger boost. You can also upgrade each room to speed up collection time and increase each payout by tapping “Upgrade” at the bottom of the screen!

To read the full review here: Appliv - Final Fortress 4 Star Review

Appliv Final Fortress 4 Star Review

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